Trekking Seasons In Nepal

There are four seasons in Nepal, each season having different attractions for hiking and trekking as well as peak climbing. The four distinct seasons of Nepal are as follows:

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn is considered to be the best season for trekking as during this period the weather is excellent and the mountain views are clearer.

Winter (December to February)

As it snows in winter, it is difficult to trek at higher elevations. So, trekking at lower altitudes especially below 3000 meters is recommended during this season.

Spring (March to May)   

Spring is another great season to trek because of the excellent weather and clear mountain views. Wildflowers like Rhododendron are in full bloom during this season, and they can be seen in most of the trekking trails across Nepal.

Summer (June to August)

Due to the monsoons in summer trekking is generally not recommended during this season. However, keen botanists may find it worthwhile to trek at lower altitudes during this season because of the blossoming wild flowers and lush vegetation. Upper Mustang trekking is one of the best destination during the monsoon season.

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